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Students and families face many decisions leading up to high school graduation. This guide provides information about Washington state graduation requirements and the Battle Ground programs and courses that support student’s college and career goals.

Please click here for the 2024-2025 High School Course Guide

BGHS Forecasting Information and Instructions

Click on this link for forecasting information and instructions. This document will help guide students on the day they meet with counselors for their forecasting meeting. You may use the document now to help guide with your pre-forecasting, but some of the information or referenced documents will not be given to students until the meeting (For example, the “graduation requirements for you.”).

Graduation Worksheet (class of 2026 – current Freshmen)

Graduation Worksheet (class of 2025 – current Sophomores)

Graduation Worksheet (class of 2024 – current Juniors)

Click on your graduation year to get your “graduation worksheet.” This is one of your key documents that you will use for the next two weeks. Make sure you click on your specific graduation year; each year has different required classes and pathways.

2023-2024 Elective Worksheet

Click on this link to see all of our CTE and elective classes. You will find that the classes are organized by CTE pathways. This document also tells you which graduation requirement it covers for your required 24 credits.


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