Connecting with BGHS’ counselors

Tiger Nation! We understand that in this unpredictable time that you may need to talk to your school counselor about academic concerns, issues that are causing anxiety, or other mental health concerns. We are here for you!  

The links below will allow students/parents to schedule a time to meet with their counselor.  When scheduling a meeting, be sure to connect with the correct counselor (based on your last name), and please indicate if you would like to communicate with your counselor via Google Chat, Zoom, or by phone.

Be sure to include the phone number that you prefer to be used if leaving a phone number. If you do not leave one, the primary number in Skyward will be used. Your school email will be used for the Google Chat or the Zoom, so please sign into the chat/Zoom with your school email.

Please click on your counselor’s name to schedule a meeting:

Alice Norton (last names A – Dif)

Annie Carmichael (last names Dig – Joh)

Cheyanne Knight (last names Joi – Mik) 

Dawn Pack (last names Mil – Se) Mrs. Pack is available for appointments by email at: 

Sheryl Piper (last names Sh – Z)  

Spencer Meyer – Mental Health Prevention Intervention Specialist. Mrs. Meyer can also be contacted via email at

Additional resources

For more information and links to helpful resources, visit the district’s:


icon 300 W Main Street
Battle Ground, WA 98604

icon P.O. Box 200
Battle Ground, WA 98604