Senior Portrait Information

Senior Pictures are due to the yearbook staff by the 3rd TUESDAY in October. Anything received after that is not guaranteed to be included in the yearbook. Photos should meet these specifications:

Original quality photo with correct exposure, digital photos saved to a CD are fine if resolution is at least 300 dpi. COLOR PHOTOS ONLY, NO black and white, NO soft focus/blurry, vertical pose, NO props. Only the senior in the photo. Simple backgrounds and No borders. Do not write on photo – for example Ashley 2019. *Do NOT count on the photographer to deliver the photo, check the list outside the yearbook room to confirm your picture has been received. Final yearbook photo will be cropped by yearbook advisor to head and shoulders only. If a suitable photo is not submitted, we reserve the right to use the school ID photo or list the student in the not pictured section.

Contact Yearbook Advisor Ryan Karraker at

Important Information for Seniors

Graduation cap decoration guidelines

For 2019, students may personalize their graduation cap if they so choose. Caps will be checked in advance of the graduation ceremony to make sure they follow the guidelines.

Graduation Cap Decoration Guidelines

Please follow all guidelines when decorating your graduation cap.  Failure to follow these guidelines will result in the removal of your cap at the ceremony, and you will not be permitted to participate in the ceremony.

  • Caps may not contain any advertisement, symbols, abbreviations, words, slogans, patches or pictures that are of a sexual nature or refer to drugs or controlled substances, tobacco, alcohol, or weapons.
  • Caps may not denote an affiliation with gangs or advocate drug use, violence, illegal activity, hate, or disruptive behavior that is detrimental to the safety and welfare of others.
  • Caps may not be obscene, profane, vulgar or lewd.
  • Caps may not threaten the safety or welfare of others.
  • Only the flat, top area of the mortar board may be decorated.  Nothing may hang from any sides of the cap.
  • Decorations must be flat on the surface.  3-D creations are prohibited.
    No blinking lights, nothing battery operated.
  • Make sure decorations will not come off the cap during the ceremony.
    Caps may not contain anything that makes noise: no bells, whistles, horns, etc.
  • Caps will be reviewed and approved in advance of the ceremony through a process established by each school.

It is appropriate to put the following on your cap:

  • Thank a parent, grandparent, teacher, friend.
  • Recognize the university you will be attending.
  • Graduation year.
  • The branch of the military you will be joining.


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